Alpha Custom Extrusions, Inc. Quality Services / Equipment

Quality is the hallmark of a great plastic extrusion manufacturer. Team Alpha embraces quality as a culture, not a department. We welcome a visit, so you can see the personal treatment that our customers, both large and small, receive.


 Sophisticated Measuring Equipment, including Optical Comparator Measurement

 Tight Document Control System

 Color Verification with Color Spectrophotometer

 Product Identification & Traceability

 Statistical Process Control

 Gage Calibration System

 Gage Design

 Process Improvement Team

 Clear, Detailed Job Instructions on Every Job In-House





800 Woodside Drive

St. Louis, Michigan 48880

Phone: (989) 681 5781 Fax: (989) 681-4153

Alpha Custom Extrusions, Inc.

800 Woodside Drive

St. Louis, MI 48880

Ph: (989) 681-5781

Fax: (989) 681-4153