Extrusion Manufacturer

Alpha Custom Extrusions, Inc. is a plastic profile extrusion manufacturer, specializing in a wide spectrum of projects from custom, complex designs to simple, cost effective products. Alpha Custom Extrusions, Inc. is continually innovating to provide the best experience possible for our customers. With a wide variety of thermoplastic resins and 16 extruders ranging in size from 1" to 3.5", Alpha Custom Extrusions, Inc. is sure to offer a high quality, cost effective solution to your extrusion needs. And, our services don’t end at the extruded product. Alpha Custom Extrusions, Inc. offers a wide variety of secondary capabilities to complete your total project.

Let the Alpha Custom Extrusions, Inc. Team Win You Over With Our:

̃ Quick, accurate quotes at competitive prices.

̃ Design assistance from our experienced sales engineers and engineering staff, from the initial print development through formal sample submission.

̃ Proven quality and speedy production turnaround.

̃ Experience in a large array of industries, from Appliance & Construction, to point of purchase.





800 Woodside Drive

St. Louis, Michigan 48880

Phone: (989) 681-5781   Fax: (989) 681-4153


Alpha Custom Extrusions, Inc.

800 Woodside Drive

St. Louis, MI 48880

Ph: (989) 681-5781

Fax: (989) 681-4153